Abhainn Dearg 46%

Abhainn Dearg 46% (3 / 4yr old)


Abhainn Dearg 46% (3 / 4yr old)
Mashtun notes & score
This dram immediately gave us the impression of being young. It had a very clear colour as well as a strong hint of new spirit and polish on the nose. The taste was surprisingly sweet, if not harsh, and it had a lingering syrupy finish. It did divide opinions on the panel but overall we found it a bit too ‘new spirit’ for us. Having said that, each of us did enjoy certain aspects of this whisky. This was an interesting dram to try and we look forward to reviewing future releases as the whisky ages.
Overall = 53/100

Abhainn Dearg 46% (3 / 4yr old)

This single cask bottling is the very first single malt whisky to come from the Abhainn Dearg Distillery, the only distillery on the Isle of Lewis on the Outer Hebrides.

It has no added colouring, no chill-filtering and is bottled by hand at 46% volume.

Abhainn Dearg 46% (3 / 4yr old)

Nose: Menthol, lemon, furniture polish and watermelon

Palate: It is vibrant but very young and harsh.

Finish: Burnt orange.

Colour: Lemon water.

Texture: Very light.

Air: N/A

Water: Don’t add it!

Over all score and comments:

56 / 100 – Not one of my favourite drams and far too upfront and young for me!


Abhainn Dearg 46% (3 / 4yr old)

Nose: New spirit, turps, and sugar

Palate: A harsh sweetness with new spirit

Finish: Surprisingly smooth. Medium with Golden Syrup at the end

Colour: Almost clear

Texture: Oily

Air: Slightly mellows

Water: Sweetens the initial taste and makes the finish tart

Over all score and comments:

49 / 100 – Interesting first release. Will continue to try   the older releases as they come.

Abhainn Dearg 46% (3 / 4yr old)

Nose: Smells like new spirit, linoleum, green tea

Palate: Sweet, malty, syrup sponge, after nosing I expected this   to taste harsh but it’s surprisingly pleasant. Tastes very young.

Finish: Medium finish, some more subtle oak notes come through in   the aftertaste.

Colour: Thin tint of yellow with a green caste

Texture: N/A

Air: N/A

Water: N/A

Over all score and comments:

53 / 100 I would take this to be three or four years old,   I appreciated the youthful maltiness of the palate, but I think it needs a   few more years, I’d love to taste the same cask at six years.