Strathearn Distillery Visit January 24th 2014

Feb 12

Strathearn Visit January 24th 2014

For a while now The Mash Tun has been planning to produce video shorts for our website. These short films will take in many different aspects of the whisky industry. We were recently invited to visit Strathearn distillery to make our own whisky, something none of us had ever done!  This seemed like a great way to start our video section. We hope you enjoy this short film and stay tuned for more Mash Tun ‘Pod Casks’ in the future.

Strathearn Distillery

Strathearn distillery is the brain child of Tony Reedman-Clark and David Lang. Both Tony and David have a vision for the distillery. That vision involves putting the craft back into whisky and making something completely unique. Using traditional methods, and smaller stills (1000L Wash Still and 500L Spirit Still) their initial plan is to produce only single cask whiskies. To our knowledge no other distillery is doing something so unique.

The Mashtun would like to thank Tony, David, and Ailish for all their help in the making of this film.

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