In the Tasting Room: Charles Maclean

 In the Tasting Room: Charles Maclean

For a while now ‘TheMashTun’ have been looking to produce a short film (Podcask) concentrating on nosing and tasting a whisky. Once we decided to make this film we though who better to take us through a tasting than renowned whisky expert and writer Charles MacLean. With that in mind we visited Charles at his home to chat whisky, talk tastings, and have a dram or two.

Charles Maclean has been researching and writing books & articles about the subject of whisky since 1981. He shares his enthusiasm and knowledge by giving talks & tastings around the world and by presenting training programmes and Masterclasses for whisky companies, clubs and individuals. Charles was trained in ‘the sensory evaluation of potable spirits’ by the Scotch Whisky Research Institute in 1992, the same year he was elected Keeper of the Quaich  for his ‘services to Scotch’ over many years. In 2010 Charles was named “Scotland’s leading whisky expert” by The Times.  He also acts as a consultant to the whisky industry on a variety of matters, and over the past 20 years has written promotional materials for all the leading companies and brands. In addition to that Charles is a Whisky Consultant to Bonhams Auctioneers.

 Charles and TheMashTun

TheMashTun would like to thank Charles for his help in producing this short film, his fantastic hospitality on the day, and for giving us one of the most enjoyable afternoons we’d had in a long time! Stay tuned for more Mash Tun ‘Podcasks’ in the coming weeks and months.