Whisky is a drink that can split opinions, encourage debate, and open conversations. We are of the opinion that there is a whisky for everyone, even if you think you don‟t like it – if that‟s possible!!

We created this guide because we love whisky and want to encourage people to have their own tastings, challenge their perception of whisky, and introduce them to new drams. In our opinion there is no better way to spend an evening with friends. It also never ceases to amaze us how many people get so many subtle different tastes and smells from whisky.

Our tasting guide (and notes sheet) is split into 7 sections, Nose, Palate, Finish, Colour, Texture, Air, and Water. This guide will break these down and explain what we mean by them. The best advice we can give, (and we are not trying to paraphrase Roy Walker, honest!) is "say what you smell / taste". Don‟t be embarrassed about what „other people‟ may think. If you think you smell hospital floors and TCP then say it, there‟s probably a good reason (phenols etc) for it. Trust your nose and use your own experiences and knowledge to describe what you taste and smell. If you read our notes and reviews you will see that we do the same. Whisky is there to be enjoyed and savoured and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Many different things can influence the smell, taste, colour, texture, pretty much every aspect of a dram. These can range from cask type (sherry, bourbon, port etc), cask size, water, where it‟s stored, age, barley etc, etc… We could go on, but we won‟t! Try to be aware of these but not go into the tasting with a bundle of pre-conceptions regarding a specific area or dram. Enjoy each one for what it is and you will be amazed by how soon your nose becomes aware of the different tastes and smells.

Why not try host your own tasting. Maybe we can help - Why not download our 'Tasting guide and Tasting notes sheet.